Evan Geiselman Stars in Luke Bryan’s Music Video for “Roller Coaster”

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Country music star Luke Bryan’s newest video for Roller Coaster, a song about falling in love over Spring Break, was just released. I was asked to be in the video, starring as the guy who falls in love with a girl I meet after spilling my drink next to her at a bar. Surfing Magazine had a clever write up about it – don’t worry guys I don’t spill my drinks that easily.

Evan Geiselman Luke Bryan Video

When Surfing Magazine interviewed me earlier this year about moving back to Florida and getting into fishing and hunting, I told them about the recent video shoot. I explained that “We shot the video in Panama City Beach. It was pretty rad; I’m in there making out with a girl, jumping off piers, doing shit like that. The reason I was picked is because I hunt.” There was a short video about me hunting by Matt Katsolis, I put a teaser on my Instagram and I guess Luke’s people found it. They were like, “He surfs and hunts?” Luke was stoked on me being all Florida country. They wanted someone who really lives it.

Check out the video!