Evan Surfs the Red Bull Unleashed at Surf Snowdonia in Wales

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Red Bull Unleashed - Evan Geiselman

Evan Geiselman  in Surf Snowdonia

Red Bull Unleashed touches down in Wales and the pool party kicks off in style. Here’s an excerpt from a recent post for Red Bull about the Unleashed event titled “A Photo We Love: Evan Geiselman unleashes in Wales”.

“This is so fun!” says Evan Geiselman to his fellow Red Bull Unleashed competitors, while sitting in a teepee and tucking into a gourmet meal. “Imagine if the QS was like this,” says Albee Layer, “I’d actually do it.”

It seems to be a common theme from all who’ve taken to the freshwater waves of Surf Snowdonia in Wales these past few days. “I’m so glad we got here early,” continues Evan, “It was really great to get a few waves to try and figure it out. It’s definitely different to surfing in the ocean, it’s more like a stationary wave, but it’s sick, it’s so fun.”

See the complete story by Chris Binns featured on the Red Bull website and view all the photos from the event on the Red Bull Unleashed photo gallery. Photos by Olaf Pignataro.