• SÚMCLIPS from Indo

    Evan Geiselman

    Check out Evan’s latest clips from Indo and beyond!

  • See the New Reef Video: EXIT

    Reef Exit Video

    Check out the new Reef video, EXIT, featuring myself with Reef ambassadors: Rob Machado Mick Fanning Shane Dorian Mitch Crews Luke Davis Taylor Knox Nick Rozsa Mikala Jones Adam Bennetts Tia Blanco Paige Maddison Vincent Duvignac Luke Hynd This video is a look at life on the road as we travel through Japan, the Caribbean, … Continued

  • Surfing’s Golden Boy Video Edit via RedBull

    Evan Geiselman Video

    Evan Geiselman is referred to by both friends and fans as “The Golden Boy.” Is it because of his flowing blonde hair? Could it be that sun-kissed Floridian skin? Or maybe it’s just the tail throw? Truth is: it’s a combination of everything. Video via RedBull’s YouTube Channel.

  • Evan Geiselman Stars in Luke Bryan’s Music Video for “Roller Coaster”

    Evan Geiselman Luke Bryan Video

    Country music star Luke Bryan’s newest video for Roller Coaster, a song about falling in love over Spring Break, was just released. I was asked to be in the video, starring as the guy who falls in love with a girl I meet after spilling my drink next to her at a bar. Surfing Magazine had … Continued

  • EV.G in NSB

    Evan Geiselman

    Clips from home, NSB inlet. EV.G NSB from Eric Geiselman on Vimeo.

  • The Storm Troopers visit Typhoon Lagoon

    Storm Troopers Typhoon Lagoon

    Storm Troopers – Episode II – The Chlorine Menace from SURFING Magazine on Vimeo. Dylan Graves guides the Millennium YOLO to New Smyrna Beach, FL and the Atlantic ocean. Despite plenty of storms, the ocean is not delivering the waves he came for. Evan Geiselman takes the crew to Typhoon Lagoon. Also Featuring: Kelly Slater … Continued

  • Frisch Fries Video Edit

    Screen shot 2013-08-30 at 4.51.28 PM

    EVAN GEISELMAN “frisch fries” a little edit i made of evan in cabo and costa rica a couple months ago. ironically i put a french song to the edit..since its not france, it cant be french fries…so i guess “frisch fries” enjoy – from Alex Frischman on Vimeo.

  • One and Only Video – South of the Border

    Evan Geiselman One and Only

    Check out this video Hurley just posted from my recent trip to Mexico. Can’t say the waves were bad… we definitely scored. Photo by D.J. Struntz. See more at my Hurley athlete page where you can shop for my favorite gear at

  • Fosters Express

    Evan's Sick Air in OZ

    Surfing Oz with Evan Geiselman… Music: Blue Hawaii – Blue Gowns Video: John Perkins, Bryant Thomas Edit: Eric Geiselman, John Perkins   Fosters Express from Eric Geiselman on Vimeo.

  • Frame of Mind – Paying dues

    Frame of Mind - Evan Geiselman

    By Ernesto Kelly Everyone knows that Evan Geiselman rips in small waves, but there’s more to this young surfer than meets the eye, as he shows his drive and determination to develop his skills in bigger, heavier waves. In Frame of Mind- Paying Dues, Evan talks about his early years growing up in New Smyrna … Continued

  • Puerto Rico

    Evan Geiselman Puerto Rico

    Evan heads to Isabella, Puerto Rico. By Michael Lopez Evan Geiselman in PR

  • south E for sandy

    Hurricane Sandy - South, FL

    Heading south for one of the best storm swells we’ve seen. by michael lopez.

  • costa Ez

    Eric Geiselman

    By Michael Lopez. Brothers Eric and Evan Geiselman escape the hustle bustle contest grind and head for the land of Pura Vida… Costa Rica costa Ez from michael lopez on Vimeo.

  • two months latEr

    Evan's ankle injury

    After a devastating injury in a remote area of Costa Rica, Evan bounced back faster and stronger then ever. Here is his story. by Michael Lopez.  

  • somEthing on my mind


    Evan, Oliver and Mitch surf some fun Southern California mixed swell. By michael lopez.

  • Cheeeeeers Up

    Evan Geiselman

    Evan and Mitch Crews sneak a little session in at the pier. cheeeeeersss up from michael lopez on Vimeo.

  • Indo…Slo Down

    Evan Geiselman

    Evan Geiselman scoring perfect waves in Indonesia  

  • Roll the Bones…Jan 2012

  • Tales That I Tell


    Evan Geiselman in Costa Rica.  

  • Southern California

    Evan Geiselman

    Evan Geiselman in SoCal, October 2011 Evan Geiselman & Rivie from Duncan Henville on Vimeo.

  • Salt Creek – June 2011


    Evan Geiselman surfing Salt Creek, California.

  • SC Pier on June 17, 2011


    SC Pier

  • At Home in NSB


    It’s been forever since all three of us have been back home at the same time.. heres a lil session we snuck in before the wind got too hashy.

  • And All the Other Girls


    Evan Geiselman surfing in Southern California.

  • Evan and Eric Surfing the NSB Inlet


    Evan and Eric Surfing at home surfing the NSB Inlet monologue from michael lopez on Vimeo.